Treatment For Excessive Sperm Ejaculation During Sleep

There are various forms of treatment for ejaculation during sleep. The doctor's check for weight, lifestyle and stress related issues and the overall body strength. Treatment is often necessary only for excessive sperm ejaculation during sleep. An occurrence of nocturnal emissions once or twice in a month is considered absolutely normal. Based on the body strength of the patient doctors prescribe various treatments and therapies starting from weight reduction to capsules and massage oil. The most common medicine prescribed is for stress release and deep sleep. Diabetes, hormone imbalance and STD's are also checked.

If the patient is a teenager the most common treatment is treating their excessive hormonal secretion and making them indulge in healthy physical activities. It makes their body strong and gives them more stamina. If the patient is a middle aged man, diabetes and STD's are the considered the most prominent reasons for excessive sperm ejaculation during sleep. Overweight men, patients with anemia and low immunity as well as patients with various forms of STD's are treated accordingly.

Treatment for excessive sperm ejaculation during sleep involves counseling and changing in the lifestyle for most patients. Teenagers are advised to keep their mind off the sexual thoughts and indulge in other productive activities to divert their mind. They are given healthy food and made strong to gain more stamina. Besides, they are advised to have a healthy relationship with a single partner to avoid STD's. Adult men are given similar advice. Middle age men who experience excessive sperm ejaculation during sleep is advised in reduce weight, bring down hypertension and indulge in activities like yoga for relaxation. They are told to change their food habits, checked for diabetes and often given counseling about eating healthy and staying confident.

Heavy dosages of medicine, antidepressants and several tonics often make the problem worse. That's why most men prefer herbal treatment for ejaculation during sleep. Most of the herbal supplements are free of side effects and are quite effective in providing immediate solution for the issue. There are several over the counter herbal supplements to cure the issue. Maha Rasayan and No Fall capsules are considered the best by far. Treatment for ejaculation during sleep should aim in stopping the problem continuously without much change in lifestyle and involvement of addictive medicine. Maha Rasayan and No Fall capsules treat excessive sperm ejaculation during sleep using a unique herbal concoction tested time and gain and proved the best.

Maha Rasayan and No Fall capsules are made of Shatavari which helps in reducing weight, Vidarikand which cure all sorts of infections in the nerves and make them strong and immune to mild stimulations. Ashwagandha, another main ingredient used in the capsules provides immense energy to the body strengthening the reproductive organs instantly. They ensure the body gets enough iron, the blood circulation is boosted and the nervous system receives enough energy. They also contain several stress busters. An active body free of stress and in perfect weight will increase the confidence of a person multifold. Such a healthy body will not get stimulated and act involuntarily gradually eliminating the problem of excessive sperm ejaculation during sleep.